Sustainability at The Lodge


The Lodge at Steinthal embraces the beauty of the environment that surrounds it. In an effort to provide you with the best accomodations while conserving for the environment we have installed a new 19.8 kW solar array. With smart usage by guests and residents our goal is to rely as much as possible on solar power and begining in 2014, all energy utilized by The Lodge will be produced by the sun. To find out more details about our solar array and solar energy in general, check out our DECK solar Monitoring Link!

The Lodge Solar Monitoring

Although it may be easy to overlook our conservation efforts during your stay, we feel that they are worth pointing out. Besides the solar array, all of the flooring in the main and upper floors of the lodge are reclaimed barnwood. While providing high quality, rustic, and durable flooring, many trees were saved. Conventional lightbults are being replaced with energy-efficient LED bulbs. Recycling services are provided. Smart heating and cooling is used via the Nest thermostats and passive solar energy through large, insulated windows. The residence uses geothermal energy to heat and cool the owner's home as well.

While this list isn't conclusive, it continues to evolve. We look forward to the challenge of improving The Lodge and it's surroundings for your enjoyment and for the benefit of Mother Nature.